We create integrated, interactive communications solutions around service telephone numbers, mobile services and new media - future-oriented, value-adding, with high performance. We focus on both the inbound and the outbound calling, with adjacent value-added services.

We are the specialists for professionally combining service numbers with fax, voice and Internet services. Phone numbers with costs can be associated with polling, sweepstakes applications, answering machines, etc..

Our focus lies in the following areas: Voting, sweepstakes, call-in shows, chat services, astro services, fax on demand services
We have set ourselves the goal of developing tools for sustainable design and development of the market for mobile, digital value-added services. We consider ourselves to be providers of digital products and services.

Our Motivation

We perform communication with responsibility and dedication. No two customers are the same for us, this is why V.O.T.E. Force Worxx GmbH exclusively offers personalized solutions.


 Production, process management and analyses


 Dialogue processes and clear concepts


 Clearly defined cost transparency


 Regular reporting optimizes and protects the project